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Sunday, August 02, 2020

John 16:23-24: Without Ulterior Motives

Gregg Branden said it clearly (9:00 in to end), "Ask without hidden motives," but do we know what that means? I hope this will help compose compassionate prayers.

God's flow of expansion is outward. Although it is Him, He gets nothing. Nothing gets more like Him. Imagically, in praying we are to "be enveloped" with our fulfilled prayer. And this without hidden or ulterior motive. I.e., we do it not for ourselves. Prayer is ministry ... for others. Which is cool: they are us; we minister to them as channels of spiritual power. Create the expansion.

Moses prayed, "For Your people Israel."
Solomon asked for wisdom to lead/minister to the people.
Jesus is YHWH saving us.
"Do everything in love."
Braden elsewhere shares his friend's prayer for rain.
It isn't that we will get it, but we receive THEIR having it.
"They laid their hands not on the spoil/prey." Esther 9:10, 16 refers back to Esther 3:13, the selfish, carnal, and mercenary human tendency to want things, (anything like that in the Ten Commandments?), and to 1 Samuel 15, where Saul was unlike God in that he kept what YHWH had ordered him not to keep. “Uh, the people wanted to sacrifice this to YHWH at a barbecue.” By the captivity the Jews had gotten the hint.


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