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The Prayer Technique Edited Out of John 16: 23-24

Added 11/17/2022

Seems some are not noticing this link which mitigates the claim of editing. See my post on "Make What Two One?"

The Prayer Technique Edited Out of John 16: 23-24:
Neville Goddard taught causative imagining. The premise is that we can create our futures by imagining what we want with feeling, gratitude, and the absolute belief that what we wanted presently exists. We need to give our imagined post-end "all the tones of reality" in our imagined experience. It needs to be real, a present experience of what we desire already existing. This is what the Bible said in the ancient Aramaic, according to Neil Douglas Klotz (Prayers of the Cosmos, pages 86-87; also noted in Braden's Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, pages 166-167).

According to Klotz, John 16: 23-24 has been edited of this method. The passage originally said:

"All things that you ask straightly and directly from inside my name you shall be given. So far you have not done this. Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer. Be enveloped by what you desire, that your gladness be full."

If I may add emphasis:

"All things that you ask straightly and directly from inside my 'name' you shall be given (name = nature = imagination). So far you have not done this (asking with our voice is not doing this: we need to "ask" by imagining the condition we want). Ask without hidden motive (i.e., do not be judgmental, but forgive the present with grace) and be surrounded by your answer (in fervent, vivid, '3D' imagining). Be enveloped by what you desire (the end-state having already been established), that your gladness be full." (parentheses mine).

"The great secret of prayer is thinking from, rather than thinking of" -- Neville Goddard.

I got this information from a Gregg Braden youtube:, discussed in the video about 12 minutes from the beginning, which see.

Recent add:

See John 16:23-24 Without Ulterior Motives


  1. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Good post. One thought for consideration: the "name" spoken of in the verse, is not feeling or imagination... Jesus is the name being spoken of. He is saying to ask inside himself, something that is only possible after he died on the cross. This fits with the entire context of the chapter.

    1. Simple is that
      Image of nation = native image(adam) pure native(no ego) from the heart

    2. Anonymous8:44 PM


    3. Anonymous9:59 PM

      Name does not equal nature or imagination. You need to look up the entomological meaning of name and the Hebrew meaning of name. In the Hebrew tongue, name is actually pronounced shame (not the same shame as in the English language) but shame in Hebrew means Authority. The Messiah is saying, if you ask anything in my “authority” then it shall be given. This is so much more powerful when we understand the authority we have been given through our Fathers sacrifice of His son.

    4. Anonymous6:49 AM


    5. Anonymous5:28 PM

      Love all the comments, a good way to share and learn from one another. The beauty of one goal which is, JESUS!
      James 11:24
      Ask and believe you have received it and it will be yours.
      It may be worded differently, I apologized.
      I believe as long as we trust our strength through Jesus, and invite the Holy Spirit to guide us pray with the right intent, all will workout. We need the energy on our oneness with one another and our Father/Jesus/Holy Spirit.
      In Jesus' name. Amen
      God bless all.

  2. I disagree. I think you are reading romantically after the Christian sentiment for the passage. I believe Christ "died," was crucified, at the beginning of time. See what I write about the Beginning in my more recent posts. I will not say (as some do) that there was no human Jesus Christ, for I was not there when the Anointing manifested during the Season of Grace. But seeing the Anointing manifest, Mark illustrated it using his familiarity with Gautama Buddha. Which point in John is that the imagination of the Ineffable is in all of us - crucified from the Beginning (!) - and Its authority, character, nature and reputation is the nature of Its very being we are to assume in our asking. Joseph the son of Jacob - the savior of Egypt - was Jesus' father, and Miriam, Moses' sister, was his mother. Think along this line to understand better that Jesus, for the sake of scripture, was an illustration of the Anointing upon man.

    1. Anonymous3:32 PM

      Thanks for your reply.
      What I don't understand is that in the verse wuote from your post, it clearly reads as "ask from inside my name"; that seems fairly straightforward. I don't need to make some kind of a (romantic?) Leap to make the connection that I mentioned in my other comment.

      This is my first time visiting your blog, so forgive me being unfamiliar with your other posts, but how do you make the connection of the word "name" meaning feelings or emotions? Especially in light of other verses such as Philippians 2:9, which clearly make reference to Jesus being the name above every other)

      Thanks again.

    2. Well Dan Steele; Historically Yahushua aka Jesus does exist. Plus neither nor his Apostles followed the teachings of Buddha. Especially Jesus, why? He's Israelite: which means he could only adhere to the Laws of Almighty God of Israel hence the old Testament that maybe the perfect sacrifice keeping all the Commandments of which one is not to worship(follow teachings) of any other Gods(Religions). Some how people miss this understanding.

    3. Anonymous1:11 PM

      Well you can disagree all you like, with my my desires have been answered and I actually manifested them exactly this way I will not give you the details of what actually happened let's say for instance I asked for minumum of 50,000 to help with my life and I received 100,000 inside the month. shocked by my desire being filled despite I will be having believing heavily, we as a human beings tend to show little signs of disbelief along the way.
      Having said that, I am a super fulltime believer in all this. Peace.

  3. Welcome to my blog, and thank you for reading. Romantic is an adjective meaning "of, characterized by, or suggestive of an idealized view of reality." An idealized view. There is what the Gospel (God) really is, and there is what we think of the stories about it. The idealized view is our fantasy of what really is from our misreading of the text. E.g. (for example), you seem to think that God gave Jesus the name that is above every name, i.e., 'Jesus.' "Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name." Jesus already had the name Jesus. Shem, the Hebrew word for name, means a thing's NATURE. We call a chicken a chicken because it has the nature of a chicken. If it had the nature of an eagle, we'd call it an eagle. God exalted Jesus (who had the nature of a man but also the Anointing of God's spirit) to the Highest Place and gave him the NATURE of that place. That nature, a kind of attitude or comprehension of the reality of God in us, is accessible to us by God's spiritual anointing of us - the actual born again experience (not just the doctrine of being born again) - wherein everyone in it realizes that this NATURE which anointed Jesus Christ is YHWH, the working of the Ineffable Itself amongst man. The "name" given has absolutely nothing to do with any of the pronunciations of any historical man's name. It is the giving of a NATURE/AUTHORITY/CHARACTER/FAME OR REPUTATION (AS THE DICTIONARIES SAY!). When you are in the place God elevates us to ("heaven" is the mind in the skull) and have the nature God gives, you may have the confidence of faith He has, which Jesus had, with its concomitant feelings and emotions. We are not to do things "in the name of 'Jesus'," but in the NATURE OF FAITH Jesus was in in his anointing of God's spirit. God is very gracious and does not reject our faith when we say, "In the name of Jesus." The important thing is that we are in that NATURE.

    I hope you will enjoy my other posts on the Becoming God.

    An aside: you can quickly look up the meanings of words by opening a new screen on your browser and entering "define (whatever)" and hitting Enter.

    1. Anonymous5:06 PM

      Mr Steele, this is the same Anonymous from before. Thank you for your reply which I just got around to reading.

      I actually agree with you on what you said, I think that we may just be using fifferent terminology and in essence "talking passed eachother".
      When I use the term "inside jesus" or inside the name, as I did above, I am referiing to that divine new nature and real born again experience (not religion)

      I'm also curious regarding what Mr. Kitchens asked about. So I will be checking that link, and reading some more from your blog.
      Thanks again.

    2. The term inside Jesus or inside the name is understood by me to me that you have to be born again and accept Jesus Christ as lord

  4. I love the message and have seen the Greg Braden video. I also have the book Neil Douglas Klotz which also mentions it. However, when I read all three major Aramaic versions of John 16: 23-24, those extra phrases are not there. Where is he getting this?
    I have read the versions: Murdock, Etheridge, and Lhamsa.

  5. Actually (my name) is referring to each individuals name. Jesus was the example, and when he was speaking these words to people, how do you convey that when you pray, ask in (your name goes here.) Jesus wasn’t saying to ask in Jesus name.. we assumed that’s what he meant, but it’s not correct. Jesus said the Fathers Kingdom is inside each of us, spread throughout the earth. If the Fathers Kingdom is inside of me, it only stands to reason that I will ask in my name. You ask in your name and so on and so forth.


    1. Anonymous5:48 AM

      No. You are 1000% wrong. He said "my name". Not your name. You sound like a false teacher. Are you really this illiterate or just plain corrupt? Jesus clearly states: "no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. "; so it would stand to make absolutely no heavenly sense that scripture instructs what you're attempting to convey here. There's multiple verses that fully contradict your asinine blasphemous interpretation; such as John 13: "And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the SON (Jesus)..." not you or me! The Bible isn't some fill-in-the blank children's book for you to play with, insert whatever you like and misinterpret! This isn't a land of prophets. That time has long gone and passed. This is sadly now a world of false teachers and false prophets. And a modern world of posers walking around pretending and misleading others from the truth.

      John 14
      "if ye shall ask any thing in MY NAME, I will do it."
      This and other gospels are clearly referring to Jesus (Yeshua HaMashiach).
      You are not a God. You didn't die on the cross and you cannot save yourself but only through what Jesus did on the cross. Every word of you said is Gnostic heresy or Pneumatomachian heresy.

      You purposely misinterpret scripture and you need prayer. People like you are the blind leading the blind. You not only shouldn't be teaching holy scripture, but you shouldn't be teaching anyone about anything.

    2. Anonymous11:27 PM

      My question for you is, pretend you were someone to whom Jesus himself spoke too. Would you have believed him?

    3. Anonymous8:44 PM

      Thank you! I read the first couple of sentences and almost got sick. Thank you for telling it like it is with scripture.

  6. Robert,

    Thank you. Interesting hypothesis. My problem with it is the functionality of any “name.” As in performing miracles “In the Name of Danny!” Niet. I think ‘name’ refers to one’s nature—God’s nature and its authority within us. I imagine taking that in recognition and submitting it humbly—asking—unto God who is our imagination by imagining it—what we are praying for—real. Seems like a lot of flip-flopping and a big crowd within us, but it really is just an attitude of love which incorporates contriteness, or rather humility, and cooperation. There is an interesting tension between what we ask and what God is doing. We proffer our request/suggestion, and leave it up to Him.

  7. Another interesting tension I should mention is that in asking we do not ask, as that is the assumption of not having. To ask we must assume the nature of God which assumes the existence of what is desired. Tell me that ain’t weird. In the Beginning God created—imagined—all that would ever exist AS EXISTING. When we pick up on it, it is already past. Thank him for it, for what you expect already is.

  8. Everything is correct except for the "name", that is half right, the name is God is Truly "I AM", therefor praying with the name of god(which is your true identity) you're reciting the Most holy name in the bible. god is everywhere, so he is also everything we want, this is what the bible means what it says "be still and know that I AM god" this is also known as 'The moses Code, when he met the burning bush which was not being consumed, he was asked to free the slaves and he ask "who i am to do this, who am i to that i should free the people and if the people say 'who sent you' what do i tell them?" it said "I Am That I Am", armed with the power of gods name he did what was told.

    So ask in gods name, through prayer, believe you already have what you ask for, give your prayer all the imaginal "tones of reality"

  9. Super post, thank you.

    "Name" does not mean any of the things you guys have said however. Name is another word for sound or vibration. And In many, if not all, religions, Name is mentioned as well with respect to being an important part of prayer or being connected to God.

    So to ask in his name is to ask from within his vibration, the closest approximation of God's vibration being Joy/Appreciation/Love. From 'within' that mean you don't just feel these emotions(Joy, appreciation, love) temporarily while praying but that you are stable in those ARE those vibrations dominantly.

    Just my opinion. But definitely something to consider because prayer is universal and not bound just to Jesus and Christianity :)

    1. Anonymous5:29 AM

      Best comment I’ve read 🫶🏾

    2. Anonymous12:37 AM

      I second that ^^ and it honestly made the most sense even from other third party opinions I have considered. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this post, I stumbled upon it by accident but can not stop reading. Positive vibes and highest frequencies to all. ❣️🤯

  10. Many miss it; I've been screaming it. I didn't say Jesus taught or even followed Buddhism. I say Jesus is a specific anointing Who was upon a certain man in the Season of Grace. The Season of Grace was a capsule: what Daniel was told of its summing up and completing was DONE. To explain that, Mark, whom I feel might have been a former Buddhist missionary to the Jews and a convert to Christianity, used his unique Buddhist-influenced perspective and understanding of ancient Judaism. It is a very natural flow of one thing illuminating the reality of another. Mark knew Buddhism, by it understood Judaism more deeply than most Jews, and then there was Jesus. "Oh." So he tried to reconstruct his own perception of the kerygma. And, by the way, he nailed it.

  11. Wouldn’t the term hidden motive be as James put it, when we pray we pray amiss that we may consume it upon our lusts. When I read that term used, hidden motive, this is what I seen. Any selfish motive that would take away from being Led of the Spirit of Love which is absolute unselfish and always sacrificing towards others.

  12. #1
    2 "There4 if u have any encouragement from being united w/Christ.." Christ (who i now call "Yahwasua") who is rep. of the "cross". Cross rep. of both trials, & the gold or pearls, that is rep. of rebirth/life anew w/i 1 who seeks the Divine w/i themselves, & the "deaths" that ppl can suffer on earth, & how best 2 transcend/unite, these “crosses n2 pearls”
    “...if any comfort from his love, if any common sharing n the Spirit, if any tenderness/compassion, 2) then make my joy complete by being like-minded/having the same love/being 1 n spirit/of 1 mind 3) Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, n HUMILITY value others above urselves, 4) not looking 2 ur own interests but ea of u 2 the interests of others.." 5) "N ur relationships w/1 another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus:
    6) "..Who, being n very nature (*name, & all that name encompasses) God, (who i now call Yahwah/I AM/ohm /higher freq. speak*)
    "..didnt consider equality w/God something 2b used 2 his own advantage;
    7) rather, he made himself nothing by taking the nature of a servant,being made n human likeness
    8) & being found n appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient 2 death-even death on a cross.." 9) "There4 God exalted him 2 the highest place.."

  13. #2 (*When 1 achieves "high" places here n earth, it shouldnt b perceived, n or w/, arrogance but humility. This is the name/nature thats being "exalted" here, as how Ive come 2 view*) "..& gave him the name that is above every name.." (*i believe no human words know how exactly 2 dfine this "above every name". Vernacular 2 limiting/confined maybe
    As i have also come 2 view. Our God on planet Earth, is but 1 God 2 all religions. All stories/myths /fables/"good books" of same premise ("The Heroes Journey"). Same "life equation"*, ie *"Quantum Mdl of Reality” (which i now call the "QMoR"*)
    I have also come 2 understand the God of this realm, having the son (Adam (atom) the immature/imperfected Christ b4 His Heroes Journey, which from this journey & His crucifixion & resurrection, reawakening, regeneration, restoration, reincarnation, maturation, perfection. He, Yahwasua, became & was(is) perfected /made whole /unified.*)
    How did, "Jesus (Yahwasua) & apostles NOT follow Buddhas teachings which r:
    "From the beginning, meditation & observance of moral precepts the foundation of Buddhist teachings”
    "Buddhas teachings r known as “dharma" He taught 5 precepts /virtues of wisdom /kindness/patience/ generosity/compassion”
    As well.."Buddhists believe nothing is fixed or permanent & that chg is always possible. The path 2 Enlightenment thru practice/ dev. of morality/meditation/wisdom. Buddhists believe life is BOTH endless & subject 2 impermanence, suffering/uncertainty". There is both "fluid" & "static" intelligences. They r both needed, as conscious is 2 sub
    Jesus/Yahwasua's life exps r MISSING /UNKNOWN from ages 12-30
    "Some BIBLE SCHOLARS argue that between 12-30 yrs, Jesus was n Galilee plying his trade as carpenter & also prob learning how 2 fish 2 look after his mother/ bros/sisses"
    Other TEXTS on.."ANCIENT texts reveal Jesus spent 17 years n the Orient as BOTH STUDENT/TEACHER.."
    Y couldnt he have done both & all of it?
    Buddhist practices r n part, the same as Christ practices ie 10 Com/7 virtues-7 vices Christians adding 2 mor virtues 2 Buddhist life practice equation,ie QMoR
    Temperance- Gluttony
    As i mentioned, these r the "crosses & pearls" humans must unify on their ind. Heroes Journeys, on their quests 4 their perfecting..that is..whoever is actually aware enuf, 2 care enuf, 2 b CONSCIOUS enuf as a practice..2 choose 2 practice & live mor virtuously rather than 2 choose 2 live a life mor vice ridden

  14. The Son was called out of Egypt, not out of the orient or India. That does not preclude the "son" being Mark, an Indian Therapeut missionary monk (search Ashoka) who converted to ancient Mosaic Judaism in Alexandria, Egypt.

  15. An anonymous person wanted to bless us with Dr. Joe Dispenza's message. The url given did not work, but I think I found the video intended. That would be the second one below: Two Key Removed Bible Verse' Show HOW To Manifest Desire And Have Prayer Answered "We've Found The Formula" - START USING IT NOW!!! | Dr Joe Dispenza

  16. Or this Dr. Dispenza video:

  17. Anonymous1:46 AM

    this can all be simplified by one sentence Jesus says:
    "Whatever ye pray for believe ye have received it, and it shall be yours"

    What Neville Goddard said is true, and he explains how to reach this state Jesus is talking about, however he is just a man, like you and me, and full of faults.

    Whilst he definately did get some things right, it is not all right - how he can deny the reality of an external creator who created us and this earth, doesnt make sense. Yes God is in us, we are told that many times by Jesus and so while He is internal - He is also external and The OG Creator, The One and Only. The law of attraction is true but its only half the truth, yes you can manifest the desires God gives you but what are this group going to do about death? About eternal life? So you see, we have this 'manifesting' group which may be able to get all they desire in this earth through the teachings of Jesus, because they ARE made in the image of God despite not being born again, and God does not retract His gifts... But as for knowing their Creator and life after death, I fear for these people, do they not fit exactly the description of the unwise virgins? And what good is it if a man gains all he desires but in the process loses his soul?

  18. Dear Anon. at 1:46,

    I think you are mistaken. Neville never denied there being the external Creator God. What he denied was Its being separate from us. We are artifacts OF It, and our imaginations ARE It. It is the idea that we are separate from It--separate from God--that makes no sense. THAT is the great heresy, the abomination, the sin which will never be forgiven and is to be overcome. The Pentecostal doctrine of the Oneness of God does not go far enough: WE are included in the One. All Creation is. For all imagined by God is God. He is the "No-thing" all is made out of. I recently posted two reviews of Mitch Horowitz book Neville Goddard's Final Lectures.
    In the first I listed Neville's last lectures in order. Mitch's transcripts of them have hundreds of errors, which I know from listening to them in reverse order and following along, comparing the texts to the youtube audios. I ask you to LISTEN to the last three or four lectures carefully, in reverse order. Oh, and the lecture named "Our Real Belief" (Know What You Want). I think that was the first one I listened to, and it changed dramatically my idea of what Neville had been saying all along. LISTEN CAREFULLY. Mitch's errors made me go back and forth repeatedly trying to catch what Neville was actually saying. This made me understand "The Duality Of Man" (Even The Wicked). Neville does not deny the external God; he denies that there are two gods. THERE IS NO ROOM FOR A SECOND, which is what you have if we are separate,. From that concept, REPENT!!

  19. Anon. 1:46, I posted your comment and my response:

  20. Besides all the bickering.. it seems the main point to take away is

    "Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer"

  21. Anonymous8:05 PM

    You can tell false teachers because they always want to add something. The death, burial & resurrection of Christ isn't good enough. These teachers have the "secret sauce" that only they possess. Same as it was in the 1st century, same as it is today.

    1. Anonymous4:42 AM

      Amen. This group has too many Unitarians, mystics and neo-Gnostics in it.

  22. Entomology is sometimes confused with etymology, which is what we are talking about here. You are of course right. The Hebrew word for 'name' is shem (Strong's 8034), the same as the name of Noah's third son, Shem, and yes it is pronounced 'shame'. It probably comes from siym (Strong's 7760), meaning "to put" through the idea of definite and conspicuous position (says Strong's 8034). But do not sell what I said about 'name' meaning "nature" short. We call chickens chickens because they have the nature of chickens. A horse is a horse, of course of course. David means "beloved," and Noah means rest--where would Bible teachers be if biblical characters did not display the natures their names mean? You are correct, "in My name" means "in My authority," but you are not going to be in His authority unless you are a born-again believer IN HIS NATURE. YOU DIED ON THE CROSS WITH HIM AND ARE RAISED AND ASCENDED WITH HIM, else He is not your sacrifice. Jesus was put in definite and conspicuous position--authority--as our Savior. It is my belief that His nature is the imagination of the Consciousness of the Ineffable Being Itself, and that His nature is to mold us up from what we were born at the beginning to being the full Manifestation of that Consciousness. We are Its becoming. And if you find a way to exercise the authority we have been given through our Father's sacrifice of His Son WITHOUT using your imagination, let me know.

  23. Dear 5:48,

    Pneumatomachian? Where the heck did you get that from? Have you ever read any of this post or any of the other posts in this blog? You are so mixed up I will have to devote a post to answering you. You cannot just vent without knowing a thing that was said or of what you are saying. Life is not a contest of semantics or doctrines to be bashed against one another. Check your attitude at the door and listen and consider. Just maybe things are not really the way you understand your teacher to have said. I will try to get that post up soon.

  24. No. The only person who believed Him was Mariam, His mother. His friends, His family, His disciples, the thousands who witnessed His miracles--no one believed Him. No one could go to Him unless the Father draw them, and He wasn't drawing. He is drawing now.

  25. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Well I'm curious about the claim you make that those phrases were edited out from the original. You don't offer any proof of that claim. To prove that claim you would need to be able to point to a manuscript version of the text which had some antiquity to it, and can be shown to be free from corruption. This is just a crazy woo woo new age claim with no historical basis, I think. Also, I believe that anyone thinking analytically can see that t is false. Many people harbor ardent desires for things with great fervency and feeling and never attain them, and one should always remember that the basic percepts of the moral law most also be observed. God is not a wish granting vending machine. What you are describing is the law of attraction, also rebranded as the Secret. Those things are not the Christian faith. Though it would seem that you don't believe in the incarnation either, or understand the relationship between that, as an event in time, and Christ's preexistence as part of the triune God. You should read up on some good Catholic apologetics, like Catholic , so you can get a firm grasp on what the church actually believes before you refute those beliefs.

  26. Dear 2:35,

    I think you missed the link provided to "Did the Fourth Century Church Edit John 16:23-24?", which mitigates BRADEN's claim that the Greek text was edited. McClellan notes that Klotz simply amplifies the possible meaning(s) of the Aramaic. I do not expect anyone to read the thousands of posts in my blog, but I did address the matter in "When We Make What Two One?" --
    And it is not the Law of Attraction but the Law of Assumption that I ascribe to. You will find "God is not a wish granting vending machine" in my texts or comments. And the incarnation is what this whole blog is about: The BECOMING God.

  27. Thank you all for this discussion.
    Thank you Daniel for your blog of which I've just found.
    I feel like I am a long way away from understanding faith or the nature of Christ. But my mind and heart are on the subject all day, every day, and I expect your blog will help along the way.

    On that note, I was supposed to start an assignment for work at ~10 and now it's after midnight and I've somehow landed upon your blog because of my constant yearning sending me into another Christian rabbit hole hoping to find the unadulterated truth of the matter

  28. Nigellus III, You are welcome. I noticed that you have blogs. "A simple feeling or intuition felt in the shower needs to be unpacked into several pages worth of writing." I know the feeling well.

  29. Anonymous2:52 PM

    You have to first learn his true name 🤷🏿‍♂️

  30. Okay, Anonymous 2:52, I'm game. The floor is yours. What is His true name?


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